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Téktox Invite : LB aka LABAT & Locals at KO Club Lounge

samedi 22 février à 20:00 04:30


People, we’ve missed you! and

We’re back in town with our iconic Téktox Série : the 4th édition of téktox collective party , this time we will make our first international invite séries
For this special occasion, we’re welcoming the French dj -based in Lyon with his Funky house tracks,LB AKA LABAT .

Tèktox is a collective of DJ’s and artists. They believe they are creating a unique and unusual toxic kind of Tech & Afro House music.
Our main objectives are creating a matchless community of Tech House music lovers and promoting underground new electronic experiments.
When all the conditions are met, Tèktox will appear to provide the ultimate Tech House vibes to help you get lost in the warm and organic sounds.
ektox welcomes you to Hangar for a party with the wonder of lyon LB AKA LABAT and
our favourite tunisian local artistes rising on the scene.


LB aka LABAT (Alelah Records, D.KO Records…) :

Le Lyonnais LB aka LABAT possède un univers bien à lui : riche de moult influences, il sait manier funk, disco, jazz, hip hop, soul et bien sûr house, son style de prédilection. Un mélange de styles que l’on retrouve sur son label, Alelah Records, qu’il créé en 2017. Enfin, en 2018 il signe chez Wolf Music Recordings – qui héberge notamment Medlar, SESSION VICTIM et BICEP – où il sort son EP “The Scanner”.

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He started his career in production and photography He is currently working in post production and composing music for projects on the side. His entourage spotted his remarkable talent in composing music inspired from his environment.
He adapted a style of music based on Afro and Latino Tech house to create an ultimate House vibe. Using his experience in the electronic music scene in Tunisia, he is trying to build a resonating collective ( TEKTOX ) in order to promote underground electronic music for the community of Tech House lovers.


Ahmet Mecnun, born the 2 July 1991, is a Tunisian Dj who began to mix his first tracks at the age of 14. He grew up in a universe of several combined musical tracks to get the crowd moving with his mix. He principally mixed Deep Tech & Minimal Techno music then extended his work to other styles such as: Tech House, Dark Tech… He also started producing in 2008 and worked with Tip Tap Records, Expectancy, Ole Music, OnOff Recordings, La Pera, Phosphenes Lab, Undertechnical and many important labels of the industry… which allowed Ahmet a worthy place in the music world to spin platters until the last dancer drops.

During his music deejaying career, Ahmed was influenced principally by Djs like Marco Carola, Marc Antona, Paco Osuna, and Richie Hawtin. In addition, he was a very ambitious and passionate artist and he decided to work with some pioneer of music production such as: Franz Costa,Outaway, Vincenzo D’amico, Danny Nz, Gianni Firmaio and many others. Theses collaborations contributed to “keep everything up in the air” in a smooth fashion, so that the music never stops as he was moving from one song to another.
All of this exceptional performance was made through the brilliant Ahmet and the support of Marco Carola . Paco Osuna . Stefano Noferini . Nicole Moudaber . Leon and many more…

“My passion of playing records is my present and my future, and I feel optimism when I think about the music projects in Tunisia”


Synchandz’ is based on the special friendship between Ghaith & Belhassen. For over 12 years, their love for electronic music has continued to grow, as did their friendship. Furthermore, along with their mutual passion, one has a particular affection for old school especially Jazzy hip-hop & even for new school. In contrast, the other is influenced by Jazz and Arabic instruments particularly « Oud» and « Kanoun ». Experiencing these two different music worlds paved their way into Tech House which is their main style of music dominated by drums, groovy tones, sometimes acid and obviously hi-hats.

Synchandz’ are inspired by many international DJs/Producers like The Martinez Brothers, Brett Johnson, Detlef, Shaf Huse and many many more…

Ghassen Ghazouani

Mélomane par excellence, Ghassen Ghazouani est un expert des sonorités joyeuses et réussi toujours à remettre la pendule à l’heure de la fête.

Aux idées multiples et à l’ambition sans bornes, il est le fondateur de Pêle-Mêle et Co-Fondateur du Collectif ‘Chata7 Bata7’…

Il a découvert la musique électronique dés son jeune âge ( début des années 2000). Avec comme premières influences: Plastikman, Minilogue ou encore Carl Craig.

Ce n’est qu’en 2015 qu’il fera sa première apparition comme Dj lors du premier événement du collectif « #Chata7_Bata7 ». Sa collaboration avec les membres du collectif a contribué à donner une place à la House Groovy et à la Tech House sur la scène locale.

En dehors de sa passion pour la musique, Ghassen est un informaticien et jeune entrepreneur.


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samedi 22 février
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20:00 04:30
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