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New Affinities, un programme riche en culture artistique by B7L9

mercredi 1 janvier à 11:00 18:00

new affinities arab world

New Affinities, held at B7L9 Art Station, develops Mark Fisher’s concept of popular modernism in Arabic, contextualised by and for the Arab World. Designed with the aim to create an intimate space, domestic in character, the exhibition explores the false dichotomy between the experimental/critical and mainstream/popular by presenting examples of popular modernist works primarily from the Arab world in a variety of art forms. The exhibition and its use of domestic interiors of display puts into question understandings and engagement with different art mediums and their modes of production and consumption.

New Affinities will feature films, music, poetry, literature, dance, anime, video games and fashion most of which made and consumed in the Arab world, it will also host Ma3azef’s office, library and radio station for the duration of the exhibition.

New Affinities is curated by Ma3azef and Reem Shadid
Organised by The Kamel Lazaar Foundation
Exhibition design by Musbahi/Harskamp
Graphic design by Montasser Drissi



▪️WED 11 December
🕐4-6 PM
Radio Station Launch with Amro Al Alami

🕐6-10 PM
Opening Party – DJ Performance by Ratchopper

▪️SAT 14 December
🕐3-4:30 PM
“On Theatre and Popular Modernism” by Raja Farhat (FR)

▪️SAT 21 December
🕐11:00 AM-12:30 PM
“On Contemporary Dance” by Oumaima Manai (FR)

▪️SAT 4 January
🕐4-5 PM
“On Experimental and Popular Films and Motion Pictures” by
Khemais Khayati (FR)

▪️SAT 11 January
🕐4-6 PM
“Today’s Arab Modernists” by Ammar Hassan Manla (AR)
“On Literature” by Youssef Rakha

▪️SAT 18 January
🕐4-5 PM
“On Mark Fisher’s Popular Modernism” by Jon Lindblom (ENG)

▪️SAT 25 January
🕐4-6 PM
“Popular Modernism, Historic Term or Concept?” by Ma’n Abu Taleb (AR)
“On Music” by Rami Abadir