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DJERBA MUSIC LAND 2k20 by Radisson Blu: Line-Up and Artists Bios

dimanche 9 août à 23:00 lundi 10 août à 07:00

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Un événement tous les 1 jour(s) qui commence à 23:00, se répétant jusqu'au lundi 10 août

djerba music land 2k20

Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso, Djerba a le plaisir de vous annoncer la Beach Party by Radisson Blu Vol 5.

Le plus grand événement Clubbing de l’été !!

Du 6 au 9 août 2020 inclus et qui devient cette année le DJERBA MUSIC LAND 2K20.

Nous lançons également lundi 10 août la première du Djerba du Rire, une soirée humoristique et musicale originale.

Un festival de 5 jours NON STOP MUSIC, FUN, DANCE & LAUGH avec des têtes d’affiche mondialement connues ainsi que nos fidèles artistes tunisiens.

Discover Trendy Djerba!!! And join us for memorable moments!!


Brief Bio: Mehdi Maghraoui Aka Nakata est un Dj/Producteur tunisien du célèbre label espagnol Jango Record. Il s’est intéressé à la musique depuis son plus jeune âge. Il se passionne progressivement à la musique plus underground et pointue deep, tech , techno. Son talent lui offre l’opportunité de mixer pour la première fois pour un dj tunisien à Ibiza au Bora Bora Ibiza pour le grand festival International Music Summit 2015. Depuis il enchaîne les soirées sur Paris, Ibiza, Genève, Lyon, Aix les bains, Zurich, Lucerne, Munich, Alger, Marrakech, Dubaï,…

En drainant avec lui les fidèles clubbeurs Tunisiens et étrangers qui n’hésitent pas à faire le déplacement rien que pour ressentir sa fraicheur et sa créativité musicale.

Brief Bio: In a now long forgotten world, many generations ago, a bird like shape emerged from wooded darkness, floating and fluttering, drifting and dreaming. Backlit by a bright glow of iridescent light, the undecipherable form wore a dazzling golden mask. Its long beak swooped down like an inverted horn and since then, people have referred to the mythical being simply as Claptone.

Years spending wandering medieval landscapes have informed Claptone’s view of the world, experiencing both magical mystery and muted melancholy he enchanted onlookers with occult instruments and beguiling sounds. Forever surrounded by a sense of intrigue, the world soon cottoned on to the elusive yet enchanting musical powers of this otherworldly beast. The results are that today his shamanistic sonic powers take him all around the world.

Brief Bio: “Welcome to a world where crispy baked bass drums give the keynote, where Momratzn twitch to tweaking hi-hats and speech bubbles wave engaging basses to you!? Do you falter on making a tough decision? Super Flu recommend you garlic bread rolls and 6-minute-boiled eggs! ?Is your equipment rubbish? Trust your intuition, tickle the max out of the old stuff and squeeze inspiration out of everything you can lay your hands on! ? Are you lacking ideas? Take your cockatoo’s advice! Go on vacation and have some beer. Try (you know, doing something you’d never do otherwise). Listen to Jazz. Tinker whatever comes to your mind using funny snack bar names, exotic instruments and kid’s toys.? Now with your best mate and at least one mutual favourite bakery, lots of Herzblut and a great Traum behind, nothing can harm you anymore…!” Any way that’s RA said.

Brief Bio: Sébastien Léger is a French house DJ and producer. His singles “Hit Girl”, “Hypnotized” and “Aqualight” have become hit dance singles played in clubs across Europe. He produces more than 70 singles and remixed more than 60 since 1999.

DJERBA MUSIC LAND 2K20 Day 2: Vendredi 07.08 à partir de 23h00: RAF, SYNAPSON, FEDER,

Brief Bio: In progress…

Brief Bio: It was a holiday bromance that led to the formation of the duo. That was a long time ago, and it was an impressive fusion from the get-go. Together, these two didn’t waste any time before blending together their inspirations, which came together like clockwork. As soon as Paul relocated to Paris, they set their equipment to work, lighting up their keypads and rhythm boxes, to create the first tones of Synapson.

“It’s a mix of atmospheres” they noted, where jazz and rap are coated with soul melodies and underpinned by the buzz of deep house. Their music is brimming with passion and comes straight from the heart, which ultimately gives it a chameleon effect as you could be anywhere when you listen to it – on a dusty road in the middle of nowhere or in the heat of a packed club.

Brief Bio: Hadrien Federiconi aka Feder grew up in Nice (South of France) before moving to Paris and quickly immersing himself in the deep-house scene, combining his own take on pop with what he heard around him. His first release was a remix of world renowned musician Rodriguez’s track Sixto, which quickly reached a peak of #3 on Hype Machine at the beginning of 2014.

Diving straight into summer, Feder released his own track ‘Goodbye ft Lyse’ which also flew up the Hype Machine charts. Spreading across Europe, hitting #1 in Russia and Turkey and remaining on heavy radio rotation throughout the summer in across the continent. With the release of ‘Goodbye’, this is only just the beginning for Feder.

Brief Bio: As a producer Dj & LIVE act, Stereo Express loves to take his audience on a melodic journey from beginning till the end. He sees himself as a storyteller with the purpose to enchant his crowd and create beautiful memories.
As one of the most rising artists at the moment, Stereo Express made it to the TOP 10 Melodic Techno artists worlwide.

With recent bangers like ‘AQUIVER’, ‘AGATHA’ or ‘SACRAMENTO’, he crossing a path led to clubs and festivals from Europe, Nord & South America, Asia to Africa and Russia. STEREO EXPRESS is showing his skills as an innovating electronic music dj, LIVE act, producer & LOVE MATTERS label boss.

Brief Bio: Lunar Plane was founded by identical twin brothers, Emre & Mert Altinok. They began to produce electronic music in 2014, while developing an electronic music streaming platform. Born in Istanbul, both brothers were on the national swimming team and went to Yale University, where they studied biomedical engineering and economics respectively.

After signing a downtempo EP with Solomun’s sub-label 2diy4, Lunar Plane became the main focus of the Altinok brothers. Fueled by their strong academic background and passion for music, the brothers experimented with melodic techno, progressive house and electronica, as they finalized their own unique sound which encompasses emotional ethnic melodies accompanied by strong driving basslines, organic groovy drums, and deep ritualistic vocals.


Brief Bio: Bachir, évidemment plus connu en tant que DJ Bach est un DJ Tunisien passionné par la musique retro des années 70s, 80s et 90s. Il a commencé sa carrière adolescent en mixant pour des amis dans des soirées privées. En se dévouant à la musique de cette époque, il a fini comme DJ résident à l’emblématique boite de nuit Barraka où il a lancé la célèbre soirée White dans les années 90s, un concept unique en son genre en Tunisie à cette période-là. Son ancienneté à Barraka lui a permis d’en devenir RP puis le gérant de ces lieux. 

Brief Bio: T.M.W.C.C. has learned the art of DJ’ing in the early 90’s with the old school turntables. In Portugal he was resident DJ in several clubs, this made possible for him to learn the art of reading the public.
Now since 2013 living in Germany, T.M.W.C.C is coming with a strong selection of Afro House and Melodic House & Techno.

Brief Bio: Mahmut Orhan was born in Bursa, in 1993. Deep House, Indie Dance/Nu disco are his favourite styles and they effect his imagination and creativity.

He started his career with “3-Adam” which is a vocalizing firm. In 2012, he added “Ceiron” to “Little Buddha 5” serial and “Fringe” to “Siddharta Dubai” serial and he gained great success with these tracks.

Until today, he generally rearrenged 80s-90s tracks. In 2014, a released track from “Beachside Records” which is “Without You Ep” got great attention. He made “Compliation” album with Chilai.

Brief Bio: After a decade since his first release at the age of 26, French born. Le Petit Frenchy has created his own brand of groove driven and emotive house music under different nicknames.

Influenced by Masters At Work, Louie Vega, Cassius, Steve Bug and many more, 2019 saw Le Petit frenchy thinking about to be back to the basics. His first release is a remix for David Vendetta feat. Rachael Starr ‘Bleeding Heart’. His first release, was ranked #17 on Beatport House Chart.

Le Petit Frenchy performances as DJ, for any club around the world, are loaded with a lot of energy and passion.
Le Petit Frenchy has just finished his new single, so keep connect.

Brief Bio: Born in Nantes on September 27th, 1968. After perfecting his piano and percussive skills during a intensive seven year period at the Classical Music Conservatory of Nantes, France, a young Joachim Garraud was to take a more electronic route in his musical career, in the process becoming one of the most influential and revered producers not just on the French scene, but around the world.

He has written, produced, co-written, co-oproduced and remixed with and for some f the planet’s most legendary artists – David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Culture Club, Beyoncé, OMD, Deep Dish, The Eurythmics, Paul Johnson, Cassius, Cerrone, Moby and Robbie Rivera. In particular, it’s his work and extensive projects with David Guetta, Bob Sinclar and Jean-Michel Jarre that have truly helped mould the direction of modern day electronica.

Co-writing and co-producing Guetta’s hit album “Just A Little More Love” including “Love Don’t Let Me Go” and the follow-up “Guetta Blaster” and “The World Is Mine”; working with Jean-Michel Jarre on “Metamorphoses” and “AERO”; creating the GUMPROD and F*** Me I’m Famous labels with Guetta; nominated for a “Best Remix” Grammy Award alongside Bob Sinclar for their reworking of Deep Dish “Flashdance” – at every turn it’s been Joachim Garraud with his hands on the controls

Brief Bio: Passionné de musique et des rythmes depuis son jeune âge, Karim Siala a réussi à se faire une place dans la cour des grands: Le cercle très fermé du “Dj’ing” et du “Clubbing” aussi bien en Tunisie qu’à l’étranger.
Aux termes d’une réputation forgée, Karim a été le premier dj Tunisien invité en “Guest” en Février 2007 lors de la soirée “COSA NOSTRA” au RED LIGHT PARIS avec le grand dj superstar DAVID VENDETTA.

Depuis cette soirée qui a drainé énormément de Clubbers Tunisiens résidents en France, Karim Siala avec ses sons exceptionnels a enchainé les soirées sur Paris, la Suisse, Dubaï, Roumanie en drainant avec lui les fidèles clubbers Tunisiens et étranger qui n’hésitent pas à faire le déplacement rien que pour ressentir la fraicheur et la créativité musicale de Karim.

SYNDAY POOL PARTY: Dimanche 09.08 de 14h00 à 20h00: DEKRA, DAMON GREY and PETER OLIVER

Brief Bio: Dhekra Chebbi AKA Dekra aka Miss-M a young passionate Techno DJ from Tunisia North Africa, who started her career as an actress playing important role in television, her passionate about travel lead her to drive her carrer to Techno DJ when she was listed as the first female Techno DJ in Tunsia and North Africa. Dekra has released many tracks some of them reached in the top 100 Beatport techno.

Brief Bio: Below

Brief Bio: Peter Oliver a créé son propre label “Different Sounds”. Sa musique tourne autour de la deep vocals.

DJERBA MUSIC LAND 2K20 Day 4: Dimanche 09.08 à partir de 23h00: DAMON GREY, EL DISCO ARABI et LAMIA ELLOUMI

Brief Bio: Vincent Gouguenheim is quickly fascinated by electronic music from Franckie Knucles to Marshall Jefferson, also Jean-Michel Jarre and Daft Punk. He starts behind turntables in trendy bars of Nantes region.

Looking for novelty, in 2004 he opens his own vinyl store “Absolute Records” and become the official supplier of all the clubs in the region.

After going through several clubs such as Folies Pigalle in Paris, he’ll become artistic director of the Deep Club in Nantes in 2005. Very forerunner in its programming, (Ministry Of Sound nights, Antoine Clamaran, Joachim Garraud, DJ Paulette…), the “Deep Club” becomes quickly “The Place To Be” of the Nantes nights.

Brief Bio: EL DISCO ARABI est un collectif de danseurs et de musiciens autour de la musique traditionnelle et orientale. Le choix de leurs costumes et leurs performances en font un spectacle à couper le souffle.

LAMIA ELLOUMI From 4:30 to 7:00 AM

Brief Bio: Coach sportive au meilleur GYM Club le jour et Djette la nuit, Lamia Elloumi trace ses journées à 100 à l’heue. Son style est axé sur la deep house and vocals. Elle a commencé sa carrière musicale en 2015 au Cozy Bar à Yasmine Hammamet. Elle a vite séduit son public qui l’a suivi dans plusieurs autres clubs partout en Tunisie. Elle a mixé récemment au PURO et au CIRCUS Gammarth.


djerba music land 2k20

Brief Bio: Wassim Herissi (en arabe : وسيم الحريصي), est surnommé Wassim Migalo, il est né le 5 janvier 1986, c’est un animateur de télévision et de radio tunisien connu pour ses émissions humoristiques. Au début, il a attiré l’attention en postant des vidéos de ses sketchs sur sa page Facebook en 2008.  Et puis, il a commencé sa carrière en tant qu’animateur en 2009, en participant dans la chronique quotidienne matinale, ‘Seyes Khouk’  par Mosaïque FM. Par la suite, il rejoint Sami Fehri dans la même année pour jouer à la marionnette Migalo dans l’émission ‘Kadechna Logique’. Il est actuellement chroniqueur sur ATTESSIA TV et toujours avec Mosaique FM.

Brief Bio: Lotfi Abdelli, né le 14 mars 1970 à Tunis, est un danseur, acteur, humoriste et animateur de télévision Tunisien. Lotfi Abdelli est un personnage controversé, ses apparitions médiatiques et scéniques ne passent pas inaperçues. Sur scène comme sur les plateaux, le comédien interpelle et crée la polémique par ses mots et ses idées.

Brief Bio: Fathi Ben Nasr, aka DJ F-Black, was born on 25 August 1971. He became a DJ at the age of 20 by performing as the resident DJ at the legendary nightclub called the ‘Baraka”. From there, his career took off and became a reference in the Tunisian clubbing and events scenes throughout the years.

The particularity with his performances is that he takes the public into another dimension through many different levels by balancing between Retro music, House and Tech House grooves and Underground music.

With his feelings throughout the party’s atmosphere, every time he succeeds in bringing the public into the dance floor for a non-stop amazing festivity.

Brief Bio: see it in Day 3

Brief Bio: see it in Day 1

Tarifs des Pass:

  • Pass zone « VIP Lounge» : 400 TND / Personne – accès pour 5 soirées (Tables de 8 à 14 personnes)
  • Pass zone « Bistrot» : 250 TND / Personne – accès pour 5 soirées (Tables de 6 à 10 personnes)


Réservation obligatoire de tables, les tables sont numérotées, nominatives et fixes pour toute la durée du festival, aucun changement n’est possible, les porteurs des pass recevront leurs bracelets directement à l’hôtel au Desk DML, tout bracelet perdu ou déchiré ne sera pas remplacé.
L’accès à l’évènement est réservé aux adultes +18 ans.

Tel : –
E-mail : [email protected]