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BIL LPBT V7.0: Modernize à l’Acropolium de Carthage

dimanche 22 mars à 09:00 19:00

BIL LPBT Modernize

In a world as modern as ours today, do you still find yourself lost sometimes?  Are you confused by the contemporary society’s opportunities and scourges at the same time? Don’t you worry, dear friends for our BIL’ders family has already planned to illuminate your path about this important topic and help you find your light.

Attending our event on the 22nd of March is the code to get all the answers to the questions that has always driven you crazy and to satisfy your thirsty curious youthful souls. We’re looking forward to your company, to inspire you to a whole new, much clearer image of today’s society, where nothing is still the same way it was thousands of years ago. Great people and intellectual elites are coming to lessen the ambiguity of this big deal with their motivational speeches and wonderful success stories.

Every one of you will also get to share the joy and the fun with his pals thanks to some marvelous talents that’ll leave your jaws dropping with their spectacular performances . So, join us for one of the best days of your spring holidays, share our journey to find the keys to open those buried treasures deep in an ocean of mysteries and doubts.



Date :
dimanche 22 mars
Heure :
09:00 19:00
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Acropolium de Qartaj
Acropolium - Cathédrale Primatiale Saint Louis de Carthage
Site archéologique de Carthage, Tunis Tunisie
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